Sidekick AI for Small Businesses

Your customers have Questions. Sidekick has Answers.

Running a small business is hard enough. Answering every question your customers have makes it that much harder.

With all the other roles you need to fill to keep your business going, answering customer questions typically takes a back seat, which means customers need to wait hours or days to hear back. In the competitive world of small business, the customer experience can make the difference between a loyal and a lost customer.

Customers don't have the time or patience to wait.

You need to worry about less while providing your customers with more. You need a Sidekick to help out.

Sidekick AI's natural conversation technology allows our Sidekicks to reason about the question, utilizing both provided information and common sense, and come up with a solution. We've found that our systems can handle the vast majority of technical questions that traditional chatbots fail on.

That's the Sidekick difference.

John at West Side Metalworking

Our Sidekick John is working hard at West Side Metalworking helping customers solve their metalworking problems. Try talking to him!

Getting Set Up.

Setting up a Sidekick agent to work your restaurant's customer service is a simple and straightforward experience. After setting up your account and plan, you'll be prompted to set up your Sidekick. You can choose a custom name for your Sidekick, but the main field to focus on is the Context. This is where you'll add information about your business. For small businesses, we recommend starting out with your hours of operation and products or services offered. You can also add information such as locations and new additions as well.

Adding this information should be done in natural sentences, such as "We are open from 9 AM to 10 PM, Mondays through Fridays". For instructions for the Sidekick, put them in a form similar to this: "The Sidekick cannot take any orders and can only give information". You can put line breaks between instructions, but they won't affect the Sidekick's performance. When editing the context, a Test Drive window is availiable underneath, so you can quickly see how the Sidekick will respond with the given context. It's a good idea to tweak this context until you get the responses you are looking for.

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