Sidekick AI for E-Commerce

Your Customers Have Questions.

E-Commerce is the future of retail, and customers need a help desk.

Every year, retail stores and online stores alike spend billions of dollars trying to please their customers. Yet often, customers wait in queues for minutes, hours or even days, hoping to hear back on if certain items are avaliable, when the new line of clothes is coming, or what's the status of their order.

Inevitably they end up frusterated, often leaving and never coming back. Fortunately, there's a solution.

Sidekick has Answers.

Our Sidekicks specialize in helping customers find solutions to their problems, in a fast and friendly manner.

No more queues: Sidekicks are avaliable 24/7, instantly, to resolve issues in seconds rather than hours.

Your customers will breeze through and be on their way to satisfaction without your company lifting a finger. Sound too good to be true? See for yourself.

Derek at Frothy Trunks

Our Sidekick Derek is working hard at Frothy Trunks Swim Suits helping customers and winning sales. Try talking to him!

Getting Set Up.

Setting up a Sidekick agent to work your store's customer service is a simple and straightforward experience. After setting up your account and plan, you'll be prompted to set up your Sidekick. You can choose a custom name for your Sidekick, but the main field to focus on is the Context. This is where you'll add information about your business. For e-commerce use, we recommend adding some information about your most popular items. From there, you can expand into more details about your company, and add information covering every product in your lineup.

Adding this information should be done in natural sentences, such as "Our Shark trunks are avaliable in small, medium, large, and XL from April to September.". For instructions for the Sidekick, put them in a form similar to this: "The Sidekick cannot take any orders and can only give information". You can put line breaks between instructions, but they won't affect the Sidekick's performance. When editing the context, a Test Drive window is availiable underneath, so you can quickly see how the Sidekick will respond with the given context. It's a good idea to tweak this context until you get the responses you are looking for.

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