Sidekick Documentation

Website Embedding

Sidekick can be embedded directly into your website with one line of code.

Simply paste the following snippet anywhere in the page you want the Sidekick bubble, insert your API access token, and you're good to go!


<script src="" access_token="{your-api-access-token}"></script>


Using Sidekick to interact with customers through email can be tricky to set up. This documentation will explain the nessecary steps to take to connect an email account to Sidekick.

Connecting Email
To connect Sidekick to your email account, you will need your email address, password, IMAP server address and SMTP server address. These depend on which email provider you use. If you use GMail, your IMAP address will be your SMTP address will be These addresses typically follow this pattern, but not always, so check with your mail provider.

Allowing Less Secure Apps
If you are recieving an "Invalid credentials" error when attempting to connect your email account, you may need to enable "Less Secure Apps" on your email provider. In order to allow Sidekick to send and receive emails through your account, this setting needs to be changed, or else your email provider wil block Sidekick from accessing your account. For popular email providers like GMail, this can be done by changing a setting in your email settings.

Click here to allow less secure apps on GMail.

For other providers, this process may vary greatly, and for some providers this step may be unnecessary.


The Sidekick API allows you to use Sidekick in your own apps. Programmatic access to advanced conversational AI through a simple REST API.
All interaction with the Sidekick API takes place through the Converse Endpoint, which accepts input text and returns output text in a structured fashion.

Converse Endpoint
Type: POST

Body Parameters
"access_token" - The access token for your Sidekick account. This can be found in your connection settings.
"conversation_id" - The ID identifying the conversation. This can be any unique identifier, as long as it is unique to the conversation. Conversation IDs are used to track conversation history and context, so they are important to maintain continuity.
"body" - The conversation input sent by the customer.
"intro" - (optional, default: true) A boolean, whether or not to send an intro message the first time a new customer sends a message.

Return Parameters:
"response" - The text response generated by Sidekick.
"conversation_id" - The ID identifying the conversation. This will match the conversation id sent in the request.
"timestamp" - The UTC timestamp of the response.

Sample Request Body

"access_token": "KjZUZBWAOKwgLWAlVFyL",
"conversation_id": "23874",
"body": "I'd like to know how much a pizza costs."

Sample Response

"response": "A large pizza costs $10.99. We also have medium pies for $7.99 and personal pies for $5.99.",
"conversation_id": "23874",
"timestamp": "34746453967954"