The Changing Needs Of Customers During The Pandemic

The Sidekick AI Team | Wednesday November 17

Nearly everything has changed during the pandemic. Why shouldn't your customers?

Here's a brief rundown on the new wave of needs customers have during a pandemic, and how you can prepare for them.

In such a time of termoil, no one is suprised that customer service might not be the same as it's always been. But how exactly have the customer's needs changed in the past year, and how can businesses work on adapting to these new needs?

How have customers changed their expectations?

Since many customers have had to deal with out-of-stock items due to wide ranging shortages, they're expectations on customer service have grown signifigantly.
Here at Sidekick AI, we've seen firsthand how the pandemic leads customers to be more demanding of customer service. We've noticed the two main issues with existing customer service solutions: speed and accuracy.
Typically, when a customer contacts support, they need to wait sometimes hours to get help. And when they get help, it usually takes a while to get the agent up to speed on their problem and get a solution.
This entire experience is poor, and only leads to more customer frustration.

How have businesses adapted their customer service?

Throughout the past year, different industries have been affected entirely differently, and so have been forced to adapt differently.
Industries such as E-Commerce are a good example of a booming industry, since customers are generally more cautious when going to physical store locations.

With the boom in sales, online stores have also seen a massive influx of customer support demands. Either businesses adapt, or deal with long service wait times.

In order to keep wait times low, adaptive businesses have turned to solutions like Sidekick AI to automate their repetitive customer service.
Sidekick solutions help to mitigate large spikes in customer service volume and quickly handle more simple requests.

By handling customers more efficiently, these solutions result in businesses spending less money to achieve much higher customer satisfaction, often requiring far less (or no) live human agents.

Adapting to this changing landscape is key to surviving and thriving in a post-pandemic world, and automation is leading the way.

At Sidekick AI, we're making it easy to keep up.