Embracing Instagram

The Sidekick AI Team

Collaborations | Monday December 13

We're excited to announce Instagram has been integrated into the Sidekick system!

Over the past week, we've been working with Facebook developers to integrate support for Instagram into our system. We're happy to announce that this process has been completed, and as of today, Instagram support is now live!

Setting up.

Before you connect your Instagram account, there's a few requirements:

• Your Instagram account must be a Business Account
• Your Instagram account must be linked to a Facebook Page
In the Instagram App, under Settings > Privacy > Messages > Allow Access to Messages must be turned on.

Once you're account follows these requirements, you're good to connect it.

You can navigate to Connection Settings and will now see a new section for Instagram connections.

Click Connect Instagram to get to a Facebook Login. This may seem strange, but the way we can support your Instagram Account is through the Facebook Page linked to it, so login to Facebook with the account you used to create the Facebook page linked to your Instagram account.

Once complete, you should see a Instagram Connected Successfully message appear, and you should now see a list of your pages with Instagram Business Accounts linked to them displayed underneath the button you just clicked.

Initially, these are all red and unconnected, but by clicking them, you can selectively pick which ones you want connected to Sidekick.
Once they're green, you should see a success message.

Congratulations! You've successfully connected Sidekick to your Instagram Account. If you go send that account a message, your Sidekick will answer!

What's next?

Our team continues to refine and extend our system's capabilities. This means we're progressing on multiple fronts, including adding more supported platforms.

Over the coming months, we expect to add support for multiple new platforms, so keep checking back for updates!